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Adelaide Toilet Repairs and Installations

Whether you have a faulty toilet or want to upgrade to a new unit, the local Adelaide plumbers at Star Plus Group can help.

A toilet that is not functioning as it should can be inconvenient and cause a mess in your home. There are many reasons for a toilet to stop working properly such as wear and tear on parts, which is no problem for our plumbers in Adelaide who thoroughly check your toilet suite to identify which components need to be repaired or replaced to return your unit to working order.


A functioning toilet is a luxury most of us take for granted until we don’t have one any more! Our team understands that malfunctioning toilets need urgent attention and our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So whether you are repairing an existing toilet or installing a new suite, don’t risk it by using an unqualified plumber, we are the plumbing experts in Adelaide you need to call when you need the job done right.


New Toilet Installation

Older toilets tend to use more water per flush and can run up your water usage bills. Many people living on older properties in Adelaide are choosing to update their toilets, save water and save money in the long run. Ensuring the proper installation of your toilet is important because incorrect or poor installations can lead to issues and costs down the track.


Leaking Toilet

Toilets that are leaking can contribute to substantial water bills and overflowing water which can lead to significant damage in your home, costing you even more money!


Toilets which have stopped flushing

Wear and tear to items like the flusher arm, chain or valve can be the root cause of a non-flushing toilet and should be looked at by a professional plumber as soon as possible.


Blocked Toilet Drains

Blocked drains in Adelaide can be caused by a variety of things. Some of the common issues range from invasive tree roots, damaged pipes and the flushing of sanitary napkins, baby wipes or foreign objects. The best solution for these problems is to have an expert come out and inspect the problem.

Do you need toilet repair and installation services? Call our team for affordable plumbing services in Adelaide or simply fill out the convenient online booking form and our team will be with you right away.

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