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Drain Repairs And Replacement In Adelaide

Star Plus Group are a team of reliable, affordable and professional plumbers performing drain repairs and replacements throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

Damaged drains can cause significant damage to your property if they are not attended to by a professional.

Issues we can assist with include

  • Drain repair
  • Drain unblocking
  • Sewer unblocking
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Repair damage from tree roots
  • Repair cracked or corroded pipes


There are signs that you have a broken or damaged drain including

  • Sewage backups or blockages
  • Unusual indentations in your lawn or pavers
  • Sinkholes
  • Damage to foundations
  • Banking or clunking sounds


Drain pipe repair solutions

Many plumbers will always suggest to dig out the pipe to replace it, which isn’t the most efficient or cost effective solution. At Star Plus Group we always work to identify the most cost effective solutions for our customers. Some of the solutions that don't involve digging are as follows.


Pipeline patching

These patches are specifically designed for patching drain pipes effectively and contain an epoxy resin to adhere to the pie. The location needing repair is isolated by our plumbing experts and the patch is secured into place, then allowed to cure which makes this a great pipe repairing solution without any digging.


Pipe Relining

Pipe relining repairs pipes from the inside, which means you don’t have to dig up the pipe to replace it. This solution is great for when you don’t want to dig up your yard or when the pipe is under permanent structures like concrete, your home or pool. Specialised tools are utilised to inspect the pipe and clear any debris. An epoxy liner is utilised to fix the damaged portion of the drain pipe which gives you the benefits of a replaced pipe, without any of the mess and disruption that digging and replacement causes.


Our professional plumbers will complete a thorough examination of the drain system in your home or office to identify the specific issues that need to be addressed. Many Adelaide homeowners try to put off calling in plumbing professionals for fear of having their yards dug up at a cost. While at times digging is unavoidable Star Plus Group provides modern solutions which are minimally invasive and cost effective.


If you believe you have a drain pipe in need of repair our team can offer you tailored, efficient and affordable solutions. Don’t risk damage to your home or office. Contact the team at Star Plus Group today we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week across for your convenience.

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