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Hot Water System Types Adelaide

If you need a hot water system in Adelaide Star Plus Group has a wide range of hot water systems at a great price.

Whether you are looking for gas, electric or solar hot water solutions, we have the right system to suit your needs. Our qualified team can also find the best solution, regardless of the size of your domestic property.

With hot water accounting for up to a quarter of a household’s energy usage, it’s important to have a hot water system to suit your needs. On average a typical hot water system can last for approximately 10 years and if you are coming to the end of that lifespan you may need to think about your next hot water solution. Star Plus Group can assist you in selecting a new hot water system and complete the install for you, so that you are left with a job completed well, by qualified tradesman. 

Gas hot water systems

For your Gas hot water system needs, Star Plus Group has a range to suit your needs and budget. These systems are efficient and more environmentally friendly in comparison to electrical units and a great way to heat your home. If you are searching for continuous flow gas hot water system or a gas storage hot water system, our team can find the right one for you, guaranteed.

Electric hot water systems

For homes that are not connected to gas mains electric hot water systems are an ideal solution. At Star Plus Group in Adelaide we offer electric heat pump hot water systems, which are a great alternative to an electric storage hot water system and are also more efficient.

Solar hot water systems

If you are looking for a system that provided low running costs and is environmentally friendly,  the solar hot water system is the best hot water solution on the market. Whilst they are a larger investment initially,  the cost is recouped over a short amount of time.  Star plus Group can help you select the right solar hot water solution for your needs, including gas or electricity boosted units, for those days with low sunlight.

Which Hot Water System Is Right For You?

At Star Plus Group we have trained and qualified staff to help you assess your requirements and recommend the best solutions for your Hot Water System needs in Adelaide.

Hot Water Servicing

Does your hot water system need a service? Our qualified team can provide you with a maintenance service and give you an idea of the life expectancy of your hot water system. Contact us today for all of your hot water servicing needs. 

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