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Infrascan Sensor Lights

You’re never left in the dark with an Infrascan

Infrascan Motion Sensor Installation

Infrascan is designed to conveniently turn lights on automatically when movement is detected, and turn off after a pre-set period of time.

Indoor Infrascan sensor lights are suitable for open plan areas, single rooms, offices, laundries, toilets, walk-in robes, hallways and pantries.

The outdoor Infrascan will operate under all weather conditions and features long-range detection with immunity to false triggering.

Infrascan offers the dual benefits of safety and security. It provides a safe, welcoming light when family and friends come to your home, as well as deterring any intruders who venture onto your property. The moment anyone enters the Infrascan’s detection field, the infrared sensor reacts to the body heat and turns on the light. This can be a fluorescent or an incandescent lighting load.

Cost Savings

Infrascans at home, and in commercial and industrial situations, provide signifi cant energy savings, as lights only switch on when someone enters the detection field. Therefore, lights in areas such as driveways, warehouses and carparks aren’t left on all night unnecessarily.

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