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Choosing the Right Cooling Option for You.

30 Jun, 2017 | How To Guides, Helpful Tips, Air Conditioning

When it comes to choosing the right air-conditioner for you. There are many different components to consider.

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How much power do you use?

9 Jun, 2017 | How To Guides, Helpful Tips, Electrical Safety Tips, Energy Saving Tips

Many households use an average to high amount of power evedry year, but do you know how much you should be using? Find tips to save power and lower your power bill.

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Smoke Alarms are must in every household

2 Jun, 2017 | How To Guides, Electrical Safety Tips, Electrical Services

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives. Smoke Alarms are must in every household.

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How to diagnose air-conditioning problems?

30 Dec, 2015 | How To Guides, Helpful Tips, Air Conditioning

If your air conditioner is giving you trouble then you may need to an air conditioning service company but before you do here is a checklist you can run through of the usual suspects when it comes to troublesome air conditioners.

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How To Replace A Broken Fuse

24 Dec, 2015 | How To Guides, DIY Electrical Services

It has happened to all of us at one point or another, you turn on your stereo, start the microwave or put your toast down and, boom, the power is out. Chances are, you have blown the fuse. Lucky for you, this is a pretty simple thing to fix.

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What to do before you call an Electrician

18 Nov, 2015 | How To Guides

We always recommend calling a licenced electrician if you have electrical issues. Never attempt to carry out electrical work yourself, it can be dangerous and potentially fatal. There are however, a few simple checks you can do to identify some minor problems.

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